Animal Welfare Competence Center For Africa


The center observes current developments in the field of animal welfare and makes recommendations to academia, governmental bodies, non-governmental organisations, donor agencies and other stakeholders in order to foster and encourage good animal welfare practice during their work and/or activities.

Research and Innovations

Research and innovations can make valuable contributions to improving the protection of animals against human-inflicted suffering. Some academic philosophers as well as a few scientists were responsible for providing a moral basis for the modern animal movement, and they addressed their ideas to the public as well as to other academics. The center therefor aims to build further on this through carring out animal welfare research, provides research opportunities and initiation of research and innovations partnerships at local, regional and international level.


The center is pivotal at providing findings of its research and from collaborating researchers, to stakeholders such as; governmental bodies, non-governmental organisations, communities, bussinessess to encourage legislative change and transformation in our duty of responsibility towards animals and the environment


The center provides training on animal welfare issues and on strategic approaches to addressing ecosystem health and welfare to representatives from all over the world. The center develops courses for European partners in order to provide learning on the prevention and management of zoonotic pandemics and epidemics using a one health-one welfare approach. The center is also an animal welfare training hub for animal science students on the field practices, observing good practice and collaborating internationally to provide up-to-date training content that addresses the continously evolving challenges to climate, food safety, food security and community livelihoods. The center also aims to encourage proffessionalism in animal welfare through introduction of a Master’s and PhDs in Animal Welfare tenable at Makerere university and other participating universities in Africa and Internationally.

Exchange of Expertise

The center coordinates a network among African universities to champion animal welfare research, education and community outreach. It also encourages collaboration with African academic institutions and stakeholders such as ANAW, ILRI to strengthen influence of animal welfare experts towards governments and animal industry players.

Students' animal welfare clubs

School systems provide enormous opportunities for the education of young people in caring attitudes of kindness, empathy, and respect towards animals as sentient beings capable of suffering. Indeed, professor Don Broom of Cambridge regards younger people on average as having greater concern about moral issues related to animals and the environment than older people. Dr. Jane Goodall sees it as important that young people globally are encouraged, motivated, and inspired to understand why it is vital to save natural resources and have respect for life

Documentation and Provision of Resources

The center documents its research, partners‘ research and engagements and findings in a open source and library to increase access to animal welfare knowledge and information among stakeholders in African communities..