Animal Welfare Competence Center For Africa

Industrialised Animal Agriculture in Uganda

   April 28 2024

 AWeCCA completed consultations on the “policy to stop/slow the growth of industrialised animal agriculture in Uganda” with farmers, opinion leaders, politicians,  among other stakeholders. We are pleased to share our Pre-policy consultation report here.

Veterinarians and para-professionals were also consulted on the policy and attached is the consultation report.

Animal Welfare Refresher Training

   February 23 2024

AWeCCA opened up the new year with a two-day animal welfare refresher training for laboratory staff and animal handlers from 22nd to 23rd February 2024 at the College of Veterinary Medicine, Animal Resources and Biosecurity(COVAB) following a previous training of the same in November 2022.

There were a variety of facilitators who delivered very important developments in animal welfare and also further emphasized the concept of animal welfare and how to ensure good quality life for all animals.

A full report on the training is available here.




Uganda Veterinary Association(UVA) Annual General Meeting Activities

December 4 2023

AWeCCA participated in the UVA scientific symposium, farmer training and annual general meeting which took place in Mbale between 29th November and 1st December 2023. 

A variety of activities including farmer trainings, community clinics for spay/neuter and vaccination and a scientific symposium were done and AWeCCA played a key role in training of farmers about good animal welfare practices and also took part in the population control surgeries.



Poultry and fish farmers visits

November 7 2023

In the effort to improve welfare amongst the most farmed animals in Uganda which are the fish and poultry, AWeCCA made a number of visits to different fish and poultry farmers training about improved farming systems that ensure good animal welfare and also trained them on good welfare practices.


Industrialised Agriculture in Uganda

October 10 2023

Following the completion of the project inception meeting that was held on the 21st, July, 2023, AWeCCA constituted a multi-stakeholder committee to embark on policy research work.. this was aimed at appraising the current legislative structure in the country and other issues around development of the policy on ‘Slowing or Stopping the growth of industrial animal agriculture in Uganda’. The multi-stakeholder committee started in August, 2023 and is yet to complete its investigations, however, please find here the summary of their deliberations and how these will affect the nature of the policy.

7th Africa Animal Welfare Conference

September 25, 2023


It is an annual conference co-hosted by Africa Network for Animal Welfare (ANAW) in collaboration with United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), African Union InterAfrican Bureau for Animal Resources (AU-IBAR) and the Government of the Country on Which the Conference is held, for professionals and practitioners, coming together to discuss issues that cut across animal welfare, wildlife and environmental conservation. The 7th AAWC is taking place in Kigali-Rwanda from 25th September 2023 to 27th September 2023 at the St Famille Hotel and the theme for this year’s conference is Navigating the delicate balance of animal welfare, climate change and development: concerted actions towards a healthy and sustainable environment.

The Sub-Themes include:

  1.  Farm and working animals
  2. Welfare of animals in disasters
  3. Faith based perspectives of animal welfare and environmental conservation
  4. Emerging trends in education and research
  5. Wildlife and environmental conservation
  6. Climate change and animal welfare (Panel discussion)

The director of AWeCCA, Dr Ssuna Paul is in attendance together with representatives from WTS-Germany Carolin Breitenbach and Wendy Phillips with Carolin presenting about Bridging the teaching gap through making animal welfare education accessible with holistic teaching materials on 26th September, 2023 at 2:00- 2:00pm.

World Rabies Day: 6 day activity marathon

September 28, 2023



World Rabies Day (WRD) is observed each year on September 28, promoted by the Global Alliance for Rabies Control to raise awareness of the consequences of human and animal rabies and how to prevent it. The date honors Louis Pasteur, who produced the first anti-rabies vaccine. 

Rabies is present on all continents and affects over 150 countries. The disease is responsible for around 60,000 human deaths worldwide each year, and dogs are the source of infection in most cases of human rabies.

This year, AWeCCA in partnership with Kampala Capital City Authority(KCCA), the Uganda Society for the Protection and Care of Animals(USPCA) and Uniquely Paws organised weekly activities between 26/09/2023 to 30/09/2023 which included school trainings about animal welfare and rabies in 5 different primary schools which included Old Kampala Primary School, Kansanga seed primary school, mbuya primary school, Kasubi COU primary school and Mpererwe COU primary school, free rabies vaccination for dogs and cats, free spay and neuter surgeries, fee deworming, free washing and grooming services and animal well-being interactions with owners. 

An approximate number of about 2800 students was reached out to and trained and taught about good animal welfare practices and about rabies virus, a total number of 722 animals were vaccinated and 85 spay/neuter surgeries were performed.


September 7, 2023

     A picture of some of the participants                                                                             

The Animal Welfare Competence Centre for Africa is pleased to announce the official launch of the organisation which is scheduled to take place on the 7th of September 2023 in the media hall at the College of Veterinary Medicine, Animal Resources and Biosecurity at Makerere University. 

The organisation is officially launching its operations following its establishment earlier this year. AWeCCA is a not-for-profit organisation that promotes animal welfare in Uganda and Africa at large and the organisation is supporting various activities towards the issue including training and education, policy making and grant schemes.

The event was graced by a number of persons who are involved in advocacy for animal welfare who included Dr Sylvia Nalubwama who is a representative of the Universities Network fo Animal Welfare at Makerere University, Dr Tayebwa Dickson the patron for the Animal Welfare Club of Makerere University, Ms Barbra Kayondo who is the chairperson of Effective Altruism, Kampala, Dr Okech Samuel George a life long activist of animal welfare and lecturer at the university and many other participants who included students, veterinarians and other animal welfare advocates. For full details of how the event unfolded please click here.  

WTS/AWeCCA Online Seminar Series How to: Animal Welfare # 4

April 28, 2023

The Welttierschutzstiftung (WTS)and Animal Welfare Competence Centre for Africa (AWeCCA) are pleased to announce that the How to 4th online webinar series on The Role of Animal Welfare in Food Safety will be held as a virtual meeting on April 28th 2023.

This webinar continues a growing initiative  to provide more information to NGO and their local partners on important issues of Animal Welfare and on practical approaches.   Following a successful first  webinar on Animal Welfare Training Guide and Practice in Malawi on 15 Jan 2021, the 2nd webinar held in Malawi on May 2021 delivered keynote lectures on the Impact of farmers’ behaviour on Animal welfare and the 3rd webinar held on 26th November 2021 addressed Assessing Animal Welfare in Practice. This year, we are delighted to announce the return of the series and it will comprise a keynote presentation  of research findings of the role of animal welfare in food safety and  panel discussions on the above. 

To watch a recording of the presentations and interviews from the Online Seminar Series please view the following links:

How to: Animal Welfare # 1 Animal Welfare Training Guide and Practice in Malawi – 15 Jan 2021

Dr Wendy Phillips, WTS: The Vets United Animal Welfare Training Guide » Video

Dr Madeline Nyamwanza, LSPCA Malawi: Animal Welfare and Practice in Malawi » Video

How to: Animal Welfare # 2 Impact of Farmers Behaviour on Animal Welfare – 7 May 2021

Dr Paul Ssuna, Makerere University Kampala: Changing Farmers Welfare Practices and Behaviour – Research Findings » PDF download , » Video

Panel on the Impact of Farmers Behaviour on Animal Welfare. With Dr Kelvin Momanyi (WAP), Proscovia Nankya (Green Light Forum Uganda), Dr David Obiero (Maasai Mara University Kenya) and Dr Solomon Onyango (WTS) » Video

How to: Animal Welfare # 3 Assessing Animal Welfare in Practice – 26 Nov 2021

Dr Paul Ssuna, Makerere University Kampala: Assessment of Animal Welfare – Research Findings » PDF download» Video

Panel on Assessing Animal Welfare in Practice. With Christine Alokit (CABI), Steven Kakooza (VSF), Dr Derrick Sentamu (ILRI) and Dr Paul Ssuna (WTS) » Video

How to: Animal Welfare # 4 The Role of Animal Welfare in Food Safety – 28 April 2023

Steven Kakooza, VSF: Animal Welfare and Food Safety – Research Findings » Video

Panel Discussion on the Role of Animal Welfare in Food Safety. With Steven Kakooza (VSF), Dr Gerald Nizeyimana (Makerere) and Dr Paul Ssuna (AWeCCA) » Video


WTS/AWeCCA Online Seminar Series How to: Animal Welfare # 5

August 11, 2023

The Welttierschutzstiftung (WTS)and Animal Welfare Competence Centre for Africa (AWeCCA) held their 5th Online Seminar Series How to: Animal Welfare.

Entitled Guidelines for Animal Welfare in Development Cooperation, the webinar highlighted how the newly developed animal welfare guidelines can be adopted by cooperation organisations with animals as their core focus.

There was also a panel discussion on  how important can these guidelines be especially for projects involving animals aimed at improving livelihood for poor communities,  how easy/hard and what could be the challenges and/or opportunities of the guidelines and the recommendations to development cooperation organisations as far as the health and welfare of animals in their projects is concerned.


PROJECT INCEPTION MEETING – Friday 21st   July, 2023

Government outreach to stop or slow the growth of industrial animal agriculture in Uganda

 AWeCCA held a project inception meeting for their project on government outreach to stop or slow down the growth of industrialized animal agriculture in Uganda.

The meeting was attended by various  stakeholders in the animal sector as the first step of the project where discussions were held to create collaboration among the multi-sectorial stake holders in the animal sector to promote animal welfare.

Speakers from Kenchic Poultry Limited, livestock imdustry, animal shelters and resucue organisations, government and enforcement gave speeches and presentations about the interconnectedness of animal welfare, environmental health, public health and other social-economic issues. 


08:30      Arrival and registration-Dr Namara Delilah Diana, AWeCCA

09:10      Opening remarks and welcoming guests-Dr Ssuna Paul, AWeCCA

09:30      Remarks from the CAO-Mr Byamukama Alfred

09:40      Presentation on Effective Altruism-Ms. Barbra Kayondo

10:00      Presentation about AWeCCA-Dr. Namara Delilah Diana, AWeCCA

10:20      Presentation on ‘inter-linkage between animal welfare, public health and environmental health-Prof. Clovice Kankya, COVAB,                          Centre for Climate change and public health

11:00      Break (and group photo)

11:30      Project presentation; background, planned activities and methodologies-Dr Ssuna Paul, AWeCCA

12:00      Remarks from the ministry of agriculture, animal industry and fisheries-Dr Tashorora Optato, MAAIF

12:15     General Discussions and remarks from different stakeholders-All, moderated by Dr Ssuna Paul, AWeCCA

13:30     Lunch and departure

A full report on the meeting is available here.