Animal Welfare Competence Center For Africa

About Us

The Animal welfare competence center for Africa, is born out of the need to further accelerate animal welfare improvement efforts in Africa. Animal Welfare has been underestimated as an effective driver of development especially among animal based economies, adressing challenges related to one Health, climate change, food security, food safety, prevention of epidemics and pandemics. The center is a first one of its kind on the African continent, utilising academia as a driving force of advancements in animal welfare legislation, education, research and community outreach. The center is envisioned as an animal welfare innovations hub, a service provider and ThinkTank, reaching out to stakeholders on very practical and cost-effective approaches to address animal welfare challenges in different communities across Africa.

The center was established as an NGO with its steering and task committees consisting of representatives from Makerere universtiy and an advisory of international experts.


To engage in research, outreach and education that fosters good welfare practices and sustainable ethical interactions of animals, humans and environment


Africa with high welfare standards for all animals

Core Values

Care, Integrity, Excellence,
Transparency, Team work, Innovation, Accountability